“ My students will benefit from the easy access to the program i.e. from any iPad or smart device. They also love the high interest texts and the challenging and fun interactive activities. In the short time we have been using F2B, I have seen my students use language arts and comprehension skills from the program in their mainstream classes. I am very hopeful F2B will yield positive outcomes for my struggling readers.

English language learners, immigrant students, and struggling readers present the greatest challenge for teachers. F2B provides an excellent tool to help promote literacy skills for these at-risk groups.”

- Linda Genao
2nd and 4th Grade ELL Teacher
PS 63Q

“ My siblings are enjoying the program. My mom keeps telling me that once they get home from school, they instantly want to start reading. This makes me very proud of them because they would never want to read until they were exposed to this app.”

- Roxanna Barboza

“ I was at a softball game last night and sat next to a little girl (entering kindergarten this year) as she showed me her "games"-- aka Footsteps2Brilliance. She knows all her letters and can't wait to start kindergarten!”

- Text from a school board member to the Fitchburg Superintendent

Why Footsteps2Brilliance is Amazing

by Kathryn Jacoby

"People ask what is different about this program. What’s different is it works with any age. I have personally used it with 2 year olds up to 8 year olds; all of them love it. They use it at different levels with different understandings, but I have seen 3 year olds sounding out words after being on it for just a few months. Students love to do it. "


“ F2B is a hit with our schools, I have seen it in action several times this week alone.”

- Superintendent Nicolas Brake Ph.D.



“This is unbelievable, I created a book with my grandson and he loved it, it was so much fun.”

- Lorie


“My EL parents finally have a real tool to engage with their children.”

- Maria

“I thought Footsteps was just for kids, I'm having as much fun. The thing I like is how simple it is to use.”

- Donna


“I've been using F2B since it was introduced to Revere and I have to compliment your company on the updates. My students notice every time a new game is added. They get really excited to try the new games. I absolutely love the skills that have been incorporated into games such as rhyming words, CVC words, vowels, digraphs. My kids love playing F2B during center time and I love that they are practicing these skills and being exposed to so many stories, songs and vocabulary.”

- - Teacher Revere, MA


“I also wanted to share how much my students LOVE the Footsteps to Brilliance program! The writing component has been incredibly motivating to my students!”

- - Teacher Leominster, MA

"Our 3 and 4 year old children are really enjoying and learning so much through this program. As soon as they walk in the door in the morning they are asking if they can go log in and read. We are very proud of their achievements in such a short period of time.”

-- Teacher Alachua County, FL

"Our teachers and administrators are hearing our ELL students using English vocabulary straight out of F2B, and knowing exactly what the words mean. This program is doing so much for our kids.”

-- Barbara Nemko, Ph.D. Napa County Superintendent of Schools

"My grandson, Sonny, says that Footsteps is AWESOME! It's easy to use and fun.”

-- Lyn