Ziggy the Zebra

This week's Family Friday is a tasty treat for all ages. After reading Ziggy the Zebra, you will make your very own tasty zebra friends. Read our step-by-step guide on how to make this desert at home. Have fun!

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Tierra y Cielo

En el Viernes en Familia de esta semana, conseguirás hacer nuestra planeta de papel maché. Después de leer sobre El Planeta Tierra y el Cielo A-E, ¡se ensuciará un poco con este divertido proyecto!

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Earth and Sky

In this week's Family Friday, you will make a paper mache earth. After reading about the earth in our Earth and Sky A-E, you will get a little messy with this fun arts and crafts project!

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Announcing New Data Dashboards

We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand new data dashboards!

Based on extensive collaboration between our education and engineering teams, the new dashboards leverage big data solutions to provide just-in-time, actionable data for teachers and administrators. Best of all, the data dashboards are easy to interpret and appealing for early-grade teachers to work with. Teachers can easily answer:

  • Who is falling behind?
  • What are students' strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I group students to best serve individual needs?
  • Are students making progress?
  • Which books are students reading?
  • Are students developing as writers?

And, of course, the new dashboards make it easier than ever to virtually take attendance and monitor student activity.

With data dashboards, we completely rethought what proficiency data looks like. No more endless charts and tables. Instead, we’ve created a tool that teachers will enjoy coming back to again and again, to find new ways to help their students excel.

To get started exploring your data, simply click Dashboards when you log in on myf2b.com


The Challenge of Online Learning for Young Children

The COVID pandemic is affecting how we educate our students. Remote instruction has not only become necessary, it’s requiring schools to meet new standards that often tie directly to funding. The fact is that online learning has created new challenges for our general population of students and creates even more challenges for our most vulnerable students.


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Ellie the Elephant

This week's Family Friday is fun for all ages. After reading Ellie the Elephant in our Alphabet Animals series, you will make your very own elephant ring toss! Read our step-by-step guide on creating this interactive game at home. Have fun!

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The Engineering Design Process

This week's Family Friday will deepen your understanding of the engineering design process. In our Physical Science and Engineering series, you will be introduced to important science concepts. Read our step-by-step guide on how to create a paper helicopter using everyday items. Have fun!

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¡Feliz Obon!

Para este Viernes en Familia, harás una linterna para la fiesta japonesa llamada Obon, que se celebra el 15 de julio. Obon honra y recuerda a las personas que han fallecido. Las familias colocan velas en linternas y las flotan en el río. ¡Lea nuestra guía sobre cómo hacer su propia linterna en casa para celebrar!

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Happy Obon!

In this week's Family Friday you will make a lantern for the Japanese holiday called Obon which takes place on July 15. Obon honors and remembers people who have died. Families place candles in lanterns and float them down the river. Read our step-by-step guide on how to make your own lantern at home to celebrate!

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¡Feliz 4 de julio!

Para este Viernes en Familia, harás una molinete para celebrar el 4 de julio, nuestro Día de la Independencia. ¡Lea nuestra guía paso a paso para celebrar con su propio molinete!

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