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Backyard Band

Get ready to join the insects in Backyard Band because in this week’s Family Friday you will make your very own harmonica! Read our step-by-step guide on creating this musical instrument with everyday items. Have fun!

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La Banda Del Patio

¡Prepárate para unirte a los insectos de La Banda Del Patio porque esta semana harás tu propia armónica! Lea nuestra guía sobre cómo crear este instrumento musical.

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Teacher Tip Tuesday: English Learner Series Tip #7

Assessment is an integral part of learning, particularly for English Learners. Having an effective strategy for ongoing formative assessment is critical to accelerate literacy development. Read on to learn how to take advantage of Footsteps2Brilliance’s advanced assessment algorithms and comprehensive Class Dashboard reports to get the most out of assessments without taking away from important instructional time.

How to incorporate assessment into your literacy instruction

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Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes

This week’s Family Friday will get you moving! Get a friend and enjoy this silly body part activity with Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes from our Learning Lyrics series. Have fun!

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Teacher Tip Tuesday: English Learner Series Tip #6

English Learners thrive in classrooms that are asset-based. Asset-based pedagogy views the diversity that students bring to the classroom as strengths and assets, not weaknesses or deficits. English Learners bring cultural and linguistic diversity to your classroom. Creating an environment that celebrates and honors those assets will help your English Learners–and the rest of your class–thrive. Learn how to create that environment in this week’s Teacher Tip Tuesday. 

How to create an asset-based classroom environment for your English Learners to thrive in

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Shapes Everywhere

This week’s Family Friday will put your creativity to the test. After reading Shapes Everywhere, you will create a park scene using shapes you see every day. Have fun!

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Teacher Tip Tuesday: English Learner Series Tip #5

Language learning, like many things, is easiest when you start with what you know. English Learners bring a rich understanding of their home language to your classroom. Read on for strategies and resources for using the valuable knowledge students already have to facilitate English language acquisition.

How to leverage English Learners' home language for effective instruction

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