We’re Leveling Up Language Skills!

We are thrilled to announce four brand new games to strengthen students' language skills. Take a look in the Language Skills series for these new titles:

  1. Noun Nebula (Yellow Level): sort cards to learn that a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal.
  2. Verb Village (Yellow Level): identify a verb as a word that shows action.
  3. Prefix Presents (Blue Level): add a prefix to change the meaning of a word.
  4. Suffix Search (Blue Level): identify which word with a suffix has the target meaning.

Why are these language skills important?

A basic understanding of grammar is critical to literacy. In written language, grammar helps to convey meaning. When children write, they need to use standard grammar in order to help their reader understand the ideas they want to convey. When they read, children can use the meaningful parts of words (such as suffixes, prefixes, and root words) to decode new words and understand what the words mean. Children develop awareness of grammar from birth as they learn spoken language. Later, when children learn to read and write, a command of grammar helps them to successfully comprehend what they read and to write meaningful text.

Children will solidify their grammar skills as they practice with our four new games. As always, these games provide multi-sensory learning in a fun environment with immediate feedback and full English and Spanish support.

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