Keep the Fun in
Summer Learning

Help students master essential skills and boost literacy with game-based, interactive bilingual content!

Lift literacy and learning for all students 
with Footsteps2Brilliance Summer Climb solution. 

One easy-to-implement program designed to prepare students for the upcoming school year, but joyfully delivered to keep students smiling!

With our award-winning early literacy curriculum at its core, the Summer Climb solution features:

Interactive bilingual content and lessons (English and Spanish)
Organized and accessible in one place making implementation easy
Structured lessons and resources plus books, games, and home activities

Summer Climb kids have access to additional bilingual books, games, and at home activities to keep learning all summer long!

Let’s work together to help students master essential skills needed for the upcoming school year.

The Summer Climb program enabled our students to advance in their early literacy skills in a fun and engaging way. The comprehensive data reports provided teachers with targeted instruction and facilitated student progress monitoring with ease. Best of all, the variety of activities are fully bilingual!


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    Boost success through standards-aligned blended learning.
    For each grade level, four to eight weeks of easy-to-follow lessons and resources empower teachers to create rich technology-enabled learning experiences for whole-group, small-group, individual and home learning.

    Engage teachers, parents and students with fun activities and resources.
    Each week of lessons introduces a new high-interest theme with games, writing activities, and learning experiences that inspire a love for learning. Contests and competitions keep the motivation high.

    Advance writing and critical thinking skills through daily creation of student-authored books and journals.
    Daily writing practice related to a weekly big question builds students skills in persuasive, narrative, and expository writing. The unique Footsteps2Brilliance Create-a-Book feature enables all levels of readers and writers to author publish-worthy books.

    Accelerate learning by leveraging the mobile devices parents own.
    Through the Footsteps2Brilliance Enterprise App, families can easily engage in the learning—with or without Internet access. Best of all, the App is completely available in English and Spanish.

    Empower every teacher with just-in-time, high-quality Professional Development and Coaching.
    Up to 3 days of onsite or online coaching and modeling provide teachers with successful strategies for implementing standards-aligned blended learning. Special emphasis is placed on formative assessment and differentiation.

    Monitor engagement and impact with real-time data analytics.
    Footsteps2Brilliance provides ongoing real-time data analytics to monitor academic achievement, classroom and home use, and family engagement. Unlike any other technology system, Footsteps2Brilliance enables users to log in and capture progress even when they work offline.

    Prepare students for their next grade level with a comprehensive review of power standards in English or in Spanish. Summer Climb offers a turnkey solution for summer school with:Curriculum for grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, and 3. Each grade level offers:

    • 20 English language arts and reading easy-to-follow lesson plans

    • 20 Spanish language arts and reading easy-to-follow lesson plans

    • Interactive, multi-sensory digital activities in English and Spanish to practice phonics, phonemic awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing

    • Printable graphic organizers and writing activities in English and Spanish

    • Bilingual extended home learning throughout the summer

    • Kick-off Call with Leadership
    • Rostering
    • Getting Started Training for Teachers and Administrators (1-2 hrs)
    • End of session data analysis support, as needed