The Bilingual Early Learning Solution That Supports the Science of Reading and Accelerates Literacy

Footsteps2Brilliance is the premiere digital solution in English and Spanish that connects school and home and involves parents in their children's education. Our proven equity model accelerates learning for your pre-K to 3rd grade students. Our AI solution precisely aligns our content to support what teachers are teaching in the classroom.

Our Early Learning Ecosystem

Footsteps2Brilliance School Edition

A comprehensive, bilingual early literacy program for students pre-K through 3rd grade that aligns to your curriculum goals.

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Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader

A step-by-step bilingual program that makes it easy for parents and teachers to prepare children for kindergarten.

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Clever Kids University: I Can Read

A systematic and scientifically rigorous phonics program that gets children reading real books by day 4.

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Summer Climb
PreK - 3rd Grade

A comprehensive summer school program that prevents the Summer Slide.

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Virtual Summer School
PreK - 3rd Grade

A comprehensive summer program that is delivered directly to children and their families at home.

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Progress Monitoring

Digital writing portfolios and game-based formative assessment data to inform instruction and monitor student growth.

What makes a high quality digital Resource

  • Equity access that leverages the devices parents already own
  • 100% bilingual English and Spanish language development with opportunities to read, write, speak, and listen
  • Designed specifically for parent engagement with easy-to-follow learning paths
  • Rigorous instruction that is research-based and standards aligned
  • Ongoing progress monitoring that empowers teachers with the data they need to personalize learning and eliminate gaps

Gather insight even when students learn from home

Footsteps2Brilliance monitors proficiency on foundational skills and literacy with every game students play. Using sophisticated scoring algorithms, we provide insight on student strengths and weaknesses so that teachers can easily target instruction and monitor progress—no matter where students are learning.

Empower every stakeholder in a child’s success

We bring educators, teachers, and community members together to create an army of literacy ambassadors prepared to support early learning. Our professional learning community leverages the creativity, innovation, and individuality of teachers to share best practices and increase teacher effectiveness so that more students thrive.