We believe that every child can be prepared for Kindergarten … no matter where they learn.

Footsteps2Brilliance programs provide equity access to high-quality early learning so that every child enters kindergarten ready for success.

Whether they are learning at home or in your classroom, Footsteps2Brilliance offers a powerful bilingual preschool curriculum designed to improve classroom instruction, engage parents, and prepare early learners for kindergarten.

Footsteps2Brilliance® and Clever Kids University® School Readiness Curriculum

Approved by the Florida Office of Early Learning / Department of Education

With Footsteps2Brilliance and Clever Kids University, you can:

Offer a comprehensive kindergarten readiness curriculum

Footsteps2Brilliance offers a research-based, comprehensive kindergarten readiness curriculum that aligns with state preschool standards as well as the Head Start Child Development Early Learning Framework

Provide daily personalized lessons for each student

Children experience a 10- to 15-minute daily dose of research-based kindergarten preparation at their own pace and level of mastery.

Support dual language learners.

Footsteps2Brilliance is 100% bilingual – offering unprecedented English and Spanish support in our lessons, printable classroom resources, and parent materials.

Increase teacher effectiveness.

It’s easy for teachers to follow our research-based teaching methods using the printable classroom lesson plans and bilingual game cards and activities.

Launch a Parent University.

We have built the Parent University so that your preschool program has the curriculum, the tools and PD to create a powerful school-to-home connection.

Leverage the devices your schools and families already own.

Students can learn anywhere at any time with Footsteps2Brilliance. We put thousands of books, songs, games, and writing activities into the hands of your children, teachers, and parents—no matter where they are learning.

Easily launch and monitor your implementation

Footsteps2Brilliance includes enterprise-level management of students, teachers, classes, schools, staff, parents, and even Literacy Ambassadors.
With Footsteps2Brilliance, teachers and administrators have ongoing real-time data analytics to monitor academic achievement, classroom and home use, and family engagement.

Results with Footsteps2Brilliance

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