Homophones A-J

For this week's Family Friday, your child will put their brain power to the test with a jigsaw puzzle about homophones (words that sound the same, but have different meanings!) Children will be further familiarized with these homophones through this hands-on jigsaw puzzle. Read our step-by-step guide on how you can set up this interactive activity with your child at home!

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Homófonos A-J

Este Viernes en familia, su hijo pondrá a prueba su fuerza intelectual con un rompecabezas sobre homófonos (palabras que suenan igual, ¡pero tienen significados diferentes!) Los niños se familiarizarán aún más con estos homófonos a través de este rompecabezas interactivo. ¡Lea nuestra guía paso a paso para realizar esta actividad con su hijo en casa!

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Caregiver and community engagement #1

By Carissa Lellos

Teaching, like many other jobs, relies entirely on the relationships you build. Unlike other jobs, there is regular changeover, and it’s not just your success that depends on your ability to connect. One of the hardest lessons I learned during my years as a teacher was the importance of building mutually beneficial relationships with my students’ caregivers. I was trained during my graduate studies to embrace caregivers and community members and to include them in the goings on of my classroom, but was initially resistant. I worried that by inviting them in, all I was doing was providing fodder for criticism. It took work to put my pride aside and put my students’ needs ahead of my own insecurities; doing so made all the difference. It was not easy work, and amid the thousands of other plates teachers are expected to keep spinning, it may seem like a luxury instead of a must-have. In this article, we will dissect the importance of becoming the Dream Team, and in the coming weeks, we will provide concrete tips and resources for taking this important step.

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The Alphabet Song

This week’s Family Friday is a hands-on adventure. Explore your home find the every day objects that begin with your favorite letters to create an alphabet gallery. Have fun!

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La canción del alfabeto

Este Viernes en familia es una aventura interactiva. Explore su casa y busque objetos cotidianos que empiezan con su letra favorita para crear una galería del alfabeto. ¡Diviértanse!

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On the Go

This week’s Family Friday will get you and your family outside and put your observation skills to the test. After reading On the Go, you will go on a transportation scavenger hunt. Have fun!

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En marcha

Este Viernes en familia, usted y su familia estarán al aire libre poniendo a prueba sus habilidades de observación. Después de leer En marcha, realizaran una búsqueda del tesoro de transporte. ¡Diviértanse!

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What Am I Feeling?

This week’s Family Friday will put your acting skills to the test! After you read about the different emotions in What Am I Feeling you will play a game of charades that is fun for all ages.

This week, there are BONUS game sheets you can print and do with your child at home or on the go!

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¿Qué estoy sintiendo?

¡Este viernes en familia pondremos a prueba sus habilidades de actuación! Después de leer sobre las diferentes emociones en ¿Qué estoy sintiendo?, jugarán a un juego de charadas divertido para todas las edades.

Esta semana ¡hay hojas de juego EXTRA que puede imprimir y hacer con su hijo en casa o de paseo!

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