App: CKU Pre-Reader

Built-in motivation.

Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader is a powerful bilingual app that prepares early learners ages 2 to 5 for Kindergarten.

Play and learn wherever you go — Wi-Fi not required.

Just open the app wherever you are and your child can start learning right away. There’s no need for Wi-Fi.

Great for bilingual Spanish/English families.

Clever Kids University Pre-Reader offers unprecedented English and Spanish support. Every activity can toggle seamlessly between English and Spanish at the touch of a button — and both languages offer full interactivity and game play.

Built-in motivation.

Young children can experience immediate success with Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader. Children build self-esteem and confidence as they work independently on age-appropriate material that is both challenging and supportive.Throughout the app, learning is celebrated with music and animations. Children also earn coins and stars for mastering activities and returning to the app every day.

More than just another app.

Unlike any other early learning app, Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader intentionally engages parents by prompting children to work with a “grown up” to complete specific activities. In addition, each week includes two simple “Together Time” activities for caregivers to extend the learning from the app into their everyday experiences.

Research based and teacher recommended.

Because Clever Kids University is based in rigorous research, teachers across the country use it daily in class and as homework. The curriculum aligns with state preschool standards as well as the Head Start Child Development Early Learning Framework. Best of all, the methodology is effective in holding the attention of early learners and making learning time feel like play time.