Footsteps2Brilliance’s Comprehensive Suite of Pre-K through 3rd Grade Programs in English and Spanish

The Footsteps2Brilliance Early Learning Mobile Technology Platform accelerates student achievement by uniting the power of mobile game technology with the latest in cognitive research. Our technological innovation not only leverages the explosive adoption of mobile technology, such as Apple, Android, and Kindle Smartphones and Tablets, but also includes traditional computers available throughout our schools and homes. Our ability to build content once and deliver it on any smart device provides schools and districts with unprecedented scalability to reach beyond the four walls of the classroom to connect school and home.

With Footsteps2Brilliance:

Children are motivated to become active learners through engaging, animated eBooks and innovative games.

Teachers can instantly track student progress, differentiate instruction, and engage in collaborative learning through a professional development network.

Parents are given the tools they need to extend classroom learning into everyday life.

Our unique approach at Footsteps2Briliance always gives you:

24/7 learning by leveraging the smartphones, tablets, and computers at schools and home – without requiring Wi-Fi!

Increase teacher effectiveness with robust, just-in-time teacher resources and professional development.

100% English and Spanish Support with books and games that toggle between languages with the touch of a button.

Model Innovation City by Footsteps2Brilliance

A transformative citywide literacy solution to Increase Kindergarten Readiness and 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency by Strengthening Relationships with Parents and Community

  • Create a community-wide culture that supports early learning by giving all schools, families, and educational partners throughout your jurisdiction complete access to Footsteps2Brilliance apps
  • Support learning before children enter district schools by reaching families through preschool waiting lists, feeder preschools or daycare centers, pediatricians, and a variety of effective strategies.
  • Effectively serve rural, underserved, and hard-to-reach populations with high-quality curriculum that remove the common barriers of caregiver illiteracy, language skills, and technology ownership
  • Strengthen and better leverage the influence of church communities and businesses to impact learning by providing tangible ways that they can support families throughout the community.

Footsteps2Brilliance, School Edition, Bilingual

Comprehensive Pre-K – Grade 3 Bilingual Literacy Library to Increase 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency

  • Flagship product that aligns to standards and the school district’s curriculum
  • Fills the teaching gaps left by many reading programs by providing thousands of books and games in English and Spanish proven to increase 3rd grade reading proficiency.
  • Increases instructional rigor and teacher effectiveness with thinking maps, project-based learning, and a focus on writing using digital tools.
  • Engages parents regardless of their learning background, native language, or technology ownership.
  • Meets the unique needs of each student with research-based, high-interest content.
  • Supports oral language development with highly interactive books and carefully scaffolded instructions that can be repeated and even stopped in time.
  • Supports dual language development regardless of your staff’s Spanish skills.
  • Develops all areas of literacy, including writing and critical thinking skills.
  • Uses data to track student success and develop personalized learning.
  • Makes learning fun again!

Clever Kids University: Pre-Reader, Bilingual

Daily Bilingual Lessons to Prepare Every Child for Kindergarten



  • Provide uniform, high-quality early learning regardless of building capacity or staffing.
  • Enable every student to be kindergarten ready with a comprehensive, research-based curriculum presented in a highly-effective spiraling sequence that covers:
    • Alphabet knowledge
    • Nursery Rhymes and phonemic awareness
    • Print concepts
    • Numbers and mathematics
    • Science concepts
    • Creativity
    • Cognitive development
    • Social and emotional skills
  • Enrich classroom instruction with printable game cards, lesson plans, and activity sheets.
  • Support dual language learning with complete English/Spanish content
  • Engage parents as their child’s first and most important teacher.

Clever Kids University: I Can Read, Bilingual

Daily Beginning Reading Lessons to Help Every Student Learn to Read

  • Enable every student to establish a solid literacy foundation with a balanced reading curriculum presented in a highly-effective spiraling sequence that covers:
    • Phonics
    • Phonemic Awareness
    • Vocabulary
    • Comprehension
    • Fluency
    • Print Concepts & Grammar
    • Writing
  • Support struggling readers before they fail with multisensory learning where students see, hear, manipulate, and blend sounds
  • Prepare students for rigor with high-interest STEM books to build background knowledge, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies.
  • Develop writing skills early with writing activities integrated into every phonics lesson
  • Enrich classroom instruction with a library of printable decodable books, game cards, graphic organizers and activity sheets.

Summer Climb: Rising 1st-3rd Graders, Bilingual

A Complete Summer School Solution to
Eradicate the Summer Slide


  • Accelerate learning over summer break with a complete summer school curriculum utilizing Footsteps2Brilliance apps in combination with lessons and resources developed to
  • Enable any level of teacher to deliver intensive literacy instruction through easy-to-use lesson plans with fun thematic units that will keep students engaged.
  • Advance writing and critical thinking skills through daily writing practice using digital publishing tools.
  • Maintain student progress all summer long by leveraging the devices that parents own to continue practicing skills at home—and on the go.
  • Increase teacher effectiveness with robust just-in-time professional development.