How to help your English Learners improve their reading comprehension

If you’ve ever noticed that your English Learners (or any students) can decode like pros, but are not showing the same levels of skill in comprehension yet, read on to see how to use the Footsteps2Brilliance book unit, Get out the Clothes, and a corresponding vocabulary game to help your students thrive!

Teacher Tip Tuesday English Learner Series Tip #1


💡 Note: “Following the stars” of any Footsteps2Brilliance book unit will automatically integrate comprehension and phonics skills while reading.
A recap:

As a Footsteps2Brilliance user, you have access to printable resources in addition to the online book. These resources will allow you to help your students deepen their understanding of the text while developing text-specific vocabulary and decoding skills.

In the teacher edition of Get Out the Clothes, under Vocabulary game, you'll find a print-and-play ready game to play in small groups or one-on-one with your English Learners.

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