When students know how to split words into syllables, they can read and write longer and more difficult words.  Footsteps2Brilliance has outlined 10 rules to help with syllable division. Students will need to know and practice these rules to successfully split multisyllabic words. Read through this week’s Teacher Tip Tuesday for all 10 rules, plus Footsteps2Brilliance games and free printables to practice them!

How are there 6 Syllable Types, but 10 Rules for Splitting Syllables?

Multisyllabic words are comprised of different combinations of the 6 Syllable Types. These combinations can then be categorized into the 10 Splitting Syllables Rules. Below are explanations for each rule. Be sure to watch the gifs to see the splitting games in action!

Closed Syllable Pattern: VCCV
Seen in the words basket, helmet, and cactus. Click here to play!

Rule 2_closed vcccv

Closed Syllable Pattern VCCCV
Seen in the words pumpkin, hundred, and subtract.

Rule 3_closed vccy

Closed Syllable Pattern: VCCy
Seen in the words happy, hungry, and fifty. 

Rule 4_open vcv

Open Syllable Pattern V,CV
Seen in the words robot, tulip, and frozen.

Rule 5_closed vcv

Closed Syllable Pattern: VC,V
Seen in the words planet, closet, and body. Click here to play!

Rule 6_Magic e

Magic E Syllable Pattern: VCe
Seen in the words reptile, costume, and tadpole.

Rule 7_Vowel Team

Vowel Teams Syllable Pattern
Seen in words like railroad, shampoo, and poison.

Rule 8_R controlled

R-Controlled Syllable Pattern
Seen in the words carpet, butter, and turnip.

Rule 9_Consonant Le

Consonant + LE Syllable Pattern
Seen in words like candle, battle, and puzzle.

Rule 10_open vv

Open Syllable Pattern: V,V
Seen in the words lion, diet, and dial.

Free printable game: Rule 9 Consonant + Le Syllable Smash

Click here for the free printable Syllable Smash game (Consonant + Le).

Complete 10 Rules collection with matching digital games

Footsteps2Brilliance users can click here for the 10 Syllable Splitting Rules sheet with links to assignable games. 

Footsteps2Brilliance users can click here for all six Syllable Smash games and more!

Join us each week as we cover the scope and sequence for teaching syllables!

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