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We are excited to announce a new book series to inspire your budding scientists! The new Physical Science & Engineering series can be found in Level 3 of the Footsteps2Brilliance app. This series encourages students’ curiosity by explaining sophisticated concepts using simple language--bringing science to life in English and Spanish.



Developed in close alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, this series encourages your students' curiosity, including books that cover both concepts and procedures. Each book also develops critical literacy skills and includes quiz games to practice comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.

A Learning Lab at the end of each book extends science learning over multiple days. Students complete research and conduct easy-to-follow experiments. As they investigate each topic, they are prompted to draw and write about their developing understanding. Each Learning Lab culminates with students creating their own books on the topic.

Invisible Forces:

Learn about magnetic fields, repelling, attracting, and more.

Invisible Forces:

Learn how mass and distance affects gravity in our universe.

Simple Machines:
Super Powers

Learn about balanced and unbalanced forces and how simple machines can increase force.

The Scientific Method:
How George Washington Carver's Curiosity Helped Millions of Farmers

Follow the Scientific Method with George Washington Carver as he discovers which plants will help poor farmers.

The Engineering Design Process:
How the Wright Brothers Learned to Fly

Follow the Engineering Design Process with the Wright Brothers as they use trial and error to invent the airplane.

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