The Turn-Key Solution for Distance Learning

Today, every school district needs to be prepared for distance learning. Footsteps2Brilliance® takes the stress out of creating an effective school-to-home connection. We have been successfully engaging parents and accelerating literacy for more than a decade.

Digital Early Literacy with Barbara Nemko

Dr. Barbara Nemko champions the 21,000 students in her care as five-term superintendent of Napa County Schools, and learners everywhere. In this video, she emphasizes the value of starting early with digital literacy. The power of interactive literature may be more effective at preventing an achievement gap than traditional early enrichment interventions. After the rousing success of a pilot program in Napa with pre-K children in a four-week summer iPad reading program, the district provided iPads and the platform Footsteps 2 Brilliance to the families of every student in Napa County Schools. Check out the app Dr. Nemko advocates in this video.


This presentation will share the continuous, holistic work of Middletown’s Early Minds 2022: Pathways to Readiness and Equity. The Early Minds 2022 framework represents a comprehensive approach to ensure that all children are ready and prepared for kindergarten. Three goals will be addressed: Readiness and Achievement, Social and Emotional Learning and Family and Community Partnerships. Through this initiative we have strengthened our community’s understanding of the importance of addressing the preparation gap.