On the Go

This week's Family Friday will get you and your family outside and put your observation skills to the test. After reading On the Go, you will go on a transportation scavenger hunt. Have fun!

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En marcha

Este Viernes en familia, usted y su familia estarán al aire libre poniendo a prueba sus habilidades de observación. Después de leer En marcha, realizaran una búsqueda del tesoro de transporte. ¡Diviértanse!

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What Am I Feeling?

This week's Family Friday will put your acting skills to the test! After you read about the different emotions in What Am I Feeling you will play a game of charades that is fun for all ages.

This week, there are BONUS game sheets you can print and do with your child at home or on the go!

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¿Qué estoy sintiendo?

¡Este viernes en familia pondremos a prueba sus habilidades de actuación! Después de leer sobre las diferentes emociones en ¿Qué estoy sintiendo?, jugarán a un juego de charadas divertido para todas las edades.

Esta semana ¡hay hojas de juego EXTRA que puede imprimir y hacer con su hijo en casa o de paseo!

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All About Syllables Series Collection

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Teacher Tip Tuesday All About Syllables #6

Last week we talked about the secret vowel sound: schwa. The schwa is the sneaky vowel sound in many words (i.e. bacon, sofa, etc.), including all words with consonant + le syllables. All words with consonant + le syllables are multisyllabic. This means students need tools to determine the vowel sounds in the preceding syllables. Read this week’s Teacher Tip Tuesday to learn how to help your students take this next step towards mastering syllables!

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider

This week’s Family Friday is fun for all ages. Just like in the song, race your spider up the water spout and see who gets to the top first! Read our step-by-step guide on how to play this game at home. Have fun!

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La araña pequeñita

Este Viernes en familia es divertido para todas las edades. Al igual que la canción, ¡haga que su araña suba por el camino a ver quien sube al tope primero! Lea nuestra guía paso a paso para ver cómo se puede jugar esta actividad interactiva en casa. ¡Diviértanse!

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Teacher Tip Tuesday All About Syllables #5

What is the most common vowel sound? It’s not a long vowel sound. It’s not a short vowel sound, either. It’s not even its own letter! If your students are struggling with syllables, the secret vowel sound may be the root of their trouble.

Want to give your students a superpower? Teach them about the schwa, the secret vowel sound! Read on to learn more about the schwa, its role in Consonant + Le syllables, and ways to give your students this syllable splitting superpower!

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Teacher Tip Tuesday All About Syllables #4

When students know how to split words into syllables, they can read and write longer and more difficult words.  Footsteps2Brilliance has outlined 10 rules to help with syllable division. Students will need to know and practice these rules to successfully split multisyllabic words. Read through this week’s Teacher Tip Tuesday for all 10 rules, plus Footsteps2Brilliance games and free printables to practice them!

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