New Reading Comprehension Games Get Students Thinking Deeply about Text

We’ve got fantastic news to delight teachers in grades 1, 2 and 3! Footsteps2Brilliance Central™ now includes 80 new reading comprehension games in English and Spanish that get your students reading and thinking deeply about text. Best of all, when these games are assigned, teachers get automatic insight into their students’ proficiency with reading comprehension.

The new comprehension games start with student reading. Sometimes students read a high-interest book. Other times, students read a short passage. After reading, students complete a game designed to support them in clarifying and organizing information from the text. Modeled after some of the best graphic organizers, the comprehension games provide students with an interactive space to think deeply about what they have read. With the touch of a button, students can return to the text to further refine their understanding at any time. The new comprehension games support students with:

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Main Idea / La idea central

Students practice identifying the main idea of a text in the Main Idea game. After they read, students will create a simple report about the text. They identify the topic, select the best illustration for the text, and identify the main idea. Like the concentric circles on a target, this multi-step process scaffolds students toward zeroing in on the main idea.

Supporting Details / Detalles de apoyo

In the Supporting Details game, students put together the parts of a bridge. Students identify the supporting details as the piers of the bridge, and the main idea is the horizontal beam of the bridge. The design of the game helps students to visualize the relationship between the supporting details and the main idea. When all of the details are in place, the bridge locks together and a vehicle can pass over.

Cause and Effect / Causa y efecto

Students are introduced to cause and effect through the idea of a train. The train’s engine represents the cause–it makes things happen. The effects are represented by the cars on the train. Students learn that there can be multiple effects. After reading a text, students map the cause and effect from the text onto a train. If they get it right, the train can go.

Compare and Contrast / Comparar y contrastar

The Compare and Contrast game introduces students to a Venn Diagram. They learn how to visualize what is the same and what is different between two things. After reading two related books or passages, students map similarities and differences onto the Venn Diagram. Some of the games direct students to compare and contrast characters from a story.

Sequencing Events / Orden de sucesos

Sequencing events is a critical skill in reading comprehension. It helps students make sense of how events unfold in their reading. It is an important part of summarizing the text. In the Sequencing game, students practice ordering events from the story or reading passage.

Other Games

Extra games have students practicing logical reasoning in preparation for reading comprehension. Students sort pronouns by point of view. They identify the cause and effect in a compound sentence. They match problems to solutions … and more.

Keep an eye out … we have more English and Spanish comprehension games and lessons coming soon!!


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