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We are excited to announce a new book series to inspire your students' curiosity! The new Life Sciences series can be found in Level 3 of the Footsteps2Brilliance app. This series provides rich informational text to develop students background knowledge and vocabulary—bringing science to life in English and Spanish.



Life Sciences Book Series
Beautiful Birds Book Unit

Developed in close alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, this series explores the life sciences. Students have the opportunity to compare and contrast information between books as they learn the characteristics that make each animal kingdom unique. Throughout the series, students develop their understanding of animal adaptations, life cycles, ecosystems, and habitats. Students are drawn into the topics with high-interest photographs and diagrams.

Each book unit includes a series of activities designed to develop critical thinking, reading comprehension, Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary, and writing skills.

Amazing Amphibians

Learn the characteristics that make amphibians unique. Learn about frog adaptations and amphibian life cycles.

Beautiful Birds

Learn the characteristics that make birds unique. Learn how a duck's life cycle aligns with the seasons of the year.

Excellent Ecosystems:
How Wolves Saved Yellowstone National Park

Learn how ecosystems are always a delicate balance. Losing even one predator can hurt the whole ecosystem.

Fabulous Fish

Learn the characteristics that make fish unique and explore life cycles of fish.

Heroic Habitats

Learn the three main terrestrial habitats and the three main aquatic habitats and what makes each unique.

Incredible Invertebrates

Learn about the different types of invertebrates and explore the life cycle of a butterfly.

Marvelous Mammals

Learn the characteristics that make mammals unique and explore the life cycle of a tiger.

Precious Plants

Learn the life cycle of plants and explore the fascinating adaptations that keep plants alive.

Radiant Reptiles

Learn the characteristics that make reptiles unique and explore the life cycle of an iguana.

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