Growing Foundational Reading Skills with Decodable Books

We are excited to announce a new book series designed to support your classroom phonics curriculum. The Growing Readers series in Footsteps2Brilliance Level 2 and in Footsteps2Brilliance Central™ offers highly-effective multi-sensory practice with immediate feedback to support students in developing phonics skills. Even better, all of the phonics games are automatically scored so that teachers can easily monitor student growth.

Based on rigorous research, this series helps students work toward successfully decoding text. Students practice each skill by playing games, reading decodable text, and then writing their own variation of the story.

For example, Rocket to Mars practices S-blends at the beginning of words like scarf, skate, spider, and smile.

Students begin with phonics games. In Balloon Blending, students use interactive grapheme tiles to blend /s/ with another sound to make S-blends and then words. Next, students practice phonemic awareness by identifying the S-blend that they hear at the beginning of a word. In Word Families and Word Wall, students build S-blend words with interactive grapheme tiles. In Balloon Pop, students complete cloze sentences with the correct S-blend word.  At the end of the unit, students record themselves reading a decodable book Rocket to Mars. Students are then prompted to create their own S-blend book.

Short Vowels (5 books)

Adventures and fun to practice CVC and CCVCC word patterns with short vowels a, e, i, o, u .

Blends (4 books)

Practice end blends, S-blends, L-blends, and R-blends in a mix of informational and narrative text.

Digraphs (7 books)

Practice the "Floss Rule" for -ff, -ll, -ss, -zz at the ends of syllables. Then practice digraphs ch, th, sh, wh, ph, and ng/nk with stories, fairytales, and informational text.

Vowel Teams for Long A, E, I, O, U (5 books)

Practice, read and write using the vowel teams that make long a, long e, long i, long o, and long u.

Other Vowel Teams (3 books)

Practice R-controlled vowels, words with long and short oo vowel teams, and words with Magic E (CVe) patterns in this collection of narrative and informational text.

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