How to Foster Independence in a Blended Learning Classroom

Adding technology to your early learning classroom can be stressful. However, an effective routine can turn that stress into an opportunity for children to develop independence and responsibility.

A huge thanks goes out to the great teachers in Napa County, California, for sharing this fantastic idea! Special thanks to teacher Molly Beglin.


  1. In preparation, create a login card for each student. Since you’ll use them all year, consider laminating these cards.
  2. Place a photo of the child on one side of the card, and the child’s Super Secret Code instructions on the opposite side of the card.
  3. Place the cards with photos facing out in a pocket chart near your Footsteps2Brilliance learning center.

The Routine:

When a child visits the learning center, she takes her card from the pocket chart. The child can use the Super Secret Code as a reminder for how to log in. At the completion of her session, the child returns the card with the opposite side facing out.

  • If Footsteps2Brilliance is a free choice in your classroom, you can quickly assess who has visited the learning center by seeing whose photos are still facing out of your pocket chart.
  • If Footsteps2Brilliance is a rotation in your classroom, you can train children to go get the next child whose picture is facing out on the Pocket Chart when they have finished their session. Alternately, you can organize the pocket chart to reflect your groups (one row for each group, for example) and have your children visit the center in the order of rows—top to bottom.

How are you fostering independence as children use the Footsteps2Brilliance App in your classroom?

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