A Brand New Book Series Will Develop Super Phonics!

Super Sounds Phonics Book Covers

We are excited to introduce a whole new book series in Red Level 1 that enriches systematic and explicit phonics instruction—particularly in dual language classrooms. With 30 interactive books, the Super Sounds Book Series teaches the common sound for each alphabet letter along with a few of the common digraphs. In Spanish, we've even included an extra book that introduces the important skill of segmenting sílabas (syllables).


In order to read, children need to understand the alphabetic principle—the idea that written letters represent the sounds of spoken language. When children learn the relationships between sounds and letters, they have the keys to become proficient readers. Super Sounds books are carefully designed to make the relationship between sounds and letters easily understood.


Cc is for Cat
Interactive phonics books

Super Sounds books challenge children to think and find answers. Children will identify letter names, find the first sound in words, and then identify the position of sounds in words. Best of all, dual language teachers will love that Spanish books often use the same vocabulary to teach both English and Spanish phonics (for example, the letter sound for b is taught using “boat” and “barco”).


At the end of each book, children apply their understanding by creating their own letter sound book using the artwork, word bank, and backgrounds from the story. When combined with the wealth of Footsteps2Brilliance books and games that teach phonics, we are excited for how this new series will enrich your reading curriculum.

Happy learning!


Create your own super sounds phonics book
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