Ollie the Owl

This week, you and your children will read Ollie the Owl and make a fact booklet based on facts they have learned about barn owls.  This activity is a fun way to practice informational reading and learning facts. 

What you need:

  • Crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pre-made Ollie the Owl booklet and Fact Cards sheet (here)

Step 1

Click to read Ollie the Owl.  You can find this book in your Footsteps2Brilliance app under Level 2 (Yellow) in the Alphabet Animals series. Read the book with your child, play Book Buddies and Fast Facts, then complete the activity.

Step 2

Print and cut out your Ollie the Owl Fact Booklet (page 1).  Color the two sides of Ollie’s face.  Use the book to see the colors of his face.

Step 3

Print and read each of the facts on the Fact Cards sheet and decide which facts apply to Ollie the Owl (page 2).

Step 4

Cut out the correct facts and glue them onto your booklet. You can also write some facts of your own that you know about owls.

Step 5

Once the glue has dried, fold your booklet on the solid lines like a fan. When folded you will see both halves of Ollie’s face coming together to make the whole face. 

Have fun learning some new information about barn owls!

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