Shapes Everywhere

This week's Family Friday will put your creativity to the test. After reading Shapes Everywhere, you will create a park scene using shapes you see every day. Have fun!

What you need:

  • Pre-made printable coloring pages (here)
  • Colored pencils/markers

Step 1

Open up your Footsteps2Brilliance App, and go to Level 1 (Red). In ALPS, find the book Shapes Everywhere. Read the book with your child. Be sure to touch the illustrations to see the pictures come alive!

Step 2

Print out the coloring pages (here). Cut out the shapes.


Step 3

Tape or glue each shape to its match on the picture. Say the name of each shape (such as "circle" or "square") as you paste it on.

Step 3

Color your picture and hang it up your art for everyone to see!

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