New Games for the New Year!

The Footsteps2Brilliance elves have been busy working on an update with eight new games and a few new features to enjoy over your holiday break!

Games to Practice Letter Writing

Early learners can practice tracing each capital and lowercase letter in the Better Big Letters and Better Little Letters Games. In addition to preparing children to write, forming letters provides a powerful multisensory approach for teaching letter recognition.

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We’ve Been Amping Up the App Again!

We just released the 6.2 update and we think you’re going to love the enhanced navigation!

New Resources Button for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators

New Resources Button for Grown Ups

With all of the resources that we provide for teachers and parents – and new tools coming soon for administrators – our left menu bar was getting crowded. To keep things simple, we are introducing a new Resources Button for educators that will open to Reports, Class Management, Lesson Plans, Flashcard Maker, User Guides, and more. To return to the App, simply click the new Curriculum button to find our extensive collection of books, songs, games, and writing activities that make learning fun!

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A Little Update with a Big Wow

We just released an update (version 6.1.1) with a few enhancements that you will not want to miss! Here are the highlights:

New Game Mastery on My Library Screen

Easily track students' mastery of skills.

Students can now see game mastery and completion directly from the My Library screen. In addition, the login will automatically return to the level you were working on most recently.

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Something for Everyone: Announcing the Version 6 Update!

We are thrilled to announce our latest update to the Footsteps2Brilliance Enterprise App that includes a wealth of new books, games, and features organized so that it’s easy to find delightful new content that is just right for you!

Footsteps2Brilliance new levels

Find what you need in Level Red, Yellow, or Blue.

New levels for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers and writers give children and teachers a quick way to find books and games at just the right level of challenge. To make it even easier on mobile devices, users can download an entire level of books, games, and activities to their device with a single click.


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Teaching Perseverance in the Early Learning Classroom

Do you teach perseverance in your early learning classroom? While perseverance is not the emphasis of our standards, we all know that children aren't likely to get far in school (or life) without it. One way we can foster perseverance in our classroom is to set longterm goals, monitor our progress, and then reflect on and celebrate our success. Footsteps2Brilliance creates a wonderful opportunity to do just that.

Ms. Kathy Jacoby and Ms. Teri Spampinato in California were new to Footsteps2Brilliance this year. They wanted to make sure that their students got the most out of the program, and they understood that using it consistently would produce the best learning results. 

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Making Learning Even Easier: Announcing the Version 5 Update!

We are delighted to announce an update to the Foosteps2Brilliance Enterprise App that makes learning even easier. With the new version, we have introduced features and enhancements based on requests from teachers, parents, and even kids.


Students can now log in using their Student ID.

These days, students often use their Student ID to do anything from checking out library books to ordering lunch. Now, they can use their Student ID to log into Footsteps2Brilliance, too. On the login screen, children can choose to log in using either their Student ID or their Super Secret Code.

Image of popup when parent or teacher logs in to Footsteps2Brilliance.

Teachers and parents can use their login to get students started.

As an adult, if you do not have your child’s Super Secret Code handy, you can use your own login to get your child started. After you log in, a new popup screen allows you to continue to log in as a teacher/parent or to select a child who will play. Children should always play under their own name, so that reports reflect their unique progress and understanding.

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How to Foster Independence in a Blended Learning Classroom

Adding technology to your early learning classroom can be stressful. However, an effective routine can turn that stress into an opportunity for children to develop independence and responsibility.

A huge thanks goes out to the great teachers in Napa County, California, for sharing this fantastic idea! Special thanks to teacher Molly Beglin.


  1. In preparation, create a login card for each student. Since you’ll use them all year, consider laminating these cards.
  2. Place a photo of the child on one side of the card, and the child’s Super Secret Code instructions on the opposite side of the card.
  3. Place the cards with photos facing out in a pocket chart near your Footsteps2Brilliance learning center.

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Achieving the writing standards just got a whole lot easier.

Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc., just released a completely new writing experience for students in grade 2 and up! My Journal makes it easy for you to address the Common Core Writing Standards--particularly those standards focused on 21st century skills.

My Journal

Based on the success of the classic Create-A-Book activity, My Journal takes writing to the next level. Using the Footsteps2Brilliance App, available on any mobile device or computer, students can now create a digital portfolio of sophisticated writing projects. As with Create-a-Book, students can print, save, and email their creations.

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