Serving the Next Generation of Scientists

We are excited to announce a new book series to inspire your budding scientists! The new Physical Science & Engineering series can be found in Level 3 of the Footsteps2Brilliance app. This series encourages students’ curiosity by explaining sophisticated concepts using simple language--bringing science to life in English and Spanish.



Developed in close alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, this series encourages your students' curiosity, including books that cover both concepts and procedures. Each book also develops critical literacy skills and includes quiz games to practice comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.

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Counting with Lucy the Ladybug

For this week's Family Friday, we will be practicing our counting skills with Lucy the Ladybug! Read about Lucy's time at the farm through our Alphabet Animals series. Your children will create their own Lucy the Ladybug and practice counting while putting dots on her back. Read our step-by-step guide and have fun playing this interactive activity with your child at home!

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Contando con Lucy la mariquita

Para este Viernes en familia, vamos a practicar nuestras habilidades de contar con Lucy la mariquita! Lea sobre cómo la pasó Lucy en la granja en nuestra serie de Animales del alfabeto. Su hijo creará su propia Lucy la mariquita y practicara contar mientras pone puntos en su espalda. Lea nuestra guía paso a paso y diviertase jugando esta actividad interactiva con su hijo en casa!

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Ollie the Owl

This week, you and your children will read Ollie the Owl and make a fact booklet based on facts they have learned about barn owls.  This activity is a fun way to practice informational reading and learning facts. 

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Ollie el búho

Esta semana, usted y sus niños leerán Ollie el búho y harán un folleto de datos basado en los datos que aprendieron sobre los búhos de granero. Esta actividad es una manera divertida de practicar la lectura de textos informativos y aprender datos. 

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Larry and Milton

Let’s think about how we act in different situations. This week, you and your children will read Larry and Milton and decide how each of the characters acted and behaved.  This activity is a great way to reinforce social-emotional learning skills and learn how to make good behavior choices!

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Larry y Milton

Vamos a pensar sobre cómo nos comportamos en diferentes situaciones. Esta semana, usted y sus niños leerán Larry y Milton, opinarán sobre cómo cada uno de ellos actuó y se comportó. Esta actividad provee una gran oportunidad para reforzar las destrezas socio-emocionales y aprender cómo podemos escoger tener un buen  comportamiento.

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A Brand New Book Series Will Develop Super Phonics!

Super Sounds Phonics Book Covers

We are excited to introduce a whole new book series in Red Level 1 that enriches systematic and explicit phonics instruction—particularly in dual language classrooms. With 30 interactive books, the Super Sounds Book Series teaches the common sound for each alphabet letter along with a few of the common digraphs. In Spanish, we've even included an extra book that introduces the important skill of segmenting sílabas (syllables).


In order to read, children need to understand the alphabetic principle—the idea that written letters represent the sounds of spoken language. When children learn the relationships between sounds and letters, they have the keys to become proficient readers. Super Sounds books are carefully designed to make the relationship between sounds and letters easily understood.

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We’re Leveling Up Language Skills!

We are thrilled to announce four brand new games to strengthen students' language skills. Take a look in the Language Skills series for these new titles:

  1. Noun Nebula (Yellow Level): sort cards to learn that a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal.
  2. Verb Village (Yellow Level): identify a verb as a word that shows action.
  3. Prefix Presents (Blue Level): add a prefix to change the meaning of a word.
  4. Suffix Search (Blue Level): identify which word with a suffix has the target meaning.

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Celebrating Our Spanish-Speaking Students and Families

We are excited to announce a whole new book series in Level 1 that celebrates our Spanish-speaking students and families.  Presented in their native Spanish with a delightful English translation, the Traditional Spanish Songbooks series provides a wonderful opportunity to enrich students’ oral language.

Leveraging music and rhythm, the Traditional Spanish Songbooks are designed to develop our youngest students’ oral language. Our brains are wired to learn through music. The rhythm and rhyme in songs and nursery rhymes has a powerful effect on cognition—enabling children to develop fluent oral language and awareness of sounds long before they are able to read. By singing along, children enrich their vocabulary and create a foundation for future reading success.

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