Hawthorne School District Receives $100,000 Grant from GRoW @ Annenberg Foundation for Citywide Literacy Support

Hawthorne School District is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from GRoW @ Annenberg in the amount of $100,000 for the innovative work that Superintendent Dr. Helen Morgan is doing to support citywide literacy. This grant will be used to extend the successful literacy partnership the district developed with Footsteps2Brilliance®.  It provides access to Footstep2Brilliance’s proven bilingual pre-K to 3rd grade literacy solution to every family in the city of Hawthorne.

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ALAS Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Footsteps2Brilliance CEO, Ilene Rosenthal, has joined the ALAS Advisory Council based in Washington, DC.  ALAS, the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents, is committed to serving the educational needs of all students with an emphasis on Latin/o/a/x youth by building capacity, promoting best practices, and transforming educational institutions.

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

This week, you and your children will read The Girl Who Cried Wolf and write a new fable. If you haven't already, read The Boy Who Cried Wolf as well. Your children will get to go through the writing process and make their own creative version of these stories! Have fun with this fable writing activity!

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La niña mentirosa

Esta semana, usted y sus niños leerán La niña mentirosa y escribirán una nueva fábula. Recuerden que leyeron El niño y el lobo la semana pasada. Van a completar el proceso de escritura usando su creatividad para escribir su propia versión de estos cuentos.

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College Bound from Birth

The language gap between rich and poor children begins at birth.  In fact, Stanford University research found that 2-year-old children of lower income families may already be 6 months behind in language development.  Early learning gives the strongest return on investment, providing a clear path to a college education and career success.

Footsteps2Brilliance is excited to announce our partnership with College Bound from Birth. Designed and delivered by the early childhood education experts at Collaborative for Children, College Bound from Birth is a three-year quality improvement program offered at no cost in selected neighborhoods throughout Texas.  Program components aim to improve the quality of early learning, leading to kindergarten readiness.  Nobel Prize winning economist, James Heckman, whose research has proven the economic benefits of quality early learning, serves on the Collaborative for Children’s Advisory Board.

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Announcing New Data Dashboards

We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand new data dashboards!

Based on extensive collaboration between our education and engineering teams, the new dashboards leverage big data solutions to provide just-in-time, actionable data for teachers and administrators. Best of all, the data dashboards are easy to interpret and appealing for early-grade teachers to work with. Teachers can easily answer:

  • Who is falling behind?
  • What are students' strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can I group students to best serve individual needs?
  • Are students making progress?
  • Which books are students reading?
  • Are students developing as writers?

And, of course, the new dashboards make it easier than ever to virtually take attendance and monitor student activity.

With data dashboards, we completely rethought what proficiency data looks like. No more endless charts and tables. Instead, we’ve created a tool that teachers will enjoy coming back to again and again, to find new ways to help their students excel.

To get started exploring your data, simply click Dashboards when you log in on myf2b.com


The Challenge of Online Learning for Young Children

The COVID pandemic is affecting how we educate our students. Remote instruction has not only become necessary, it’s requiring schools to meet new standards that often tie directly to funding. The fact is that online learning has created new challenges for our general population of students and creates even more challenges for our most vulnerable students.


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Get Out The Clothes

For this week's Family Friday, we will do a sorting game. In Get Out the Clothes, children will learn all about the seasons and what clothes you should wear each season. Children will then practice their sorting skills by placing the correct clothes and activities with the appropriate season. Read our step-by-step guide on how you can play this interactive seasons activity with your child at home!

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Sacar la ropa

Para este Viernes en familia, jugaremos un juego de clasificación. En Sacar la ropa, los niños aprenderán todo sobre las estaciones y que tipo de ropa se debería poner durante cada estación. Los niños practicarán sus habilidades de clasificar al colocar la ropa y actividades correctas en la estación apropiada. ¡Lea nuestra guía paso a paso para ver cómo se puede jugar esta actividad interactiva en casa!

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