Homófonos A-J

Este Viernes en familia, su hijo pondrá a prueba su fuerza intelectual con un rompecabezas sobre homófonos (palabras que suenan igual, ¡pero tienen significados diferentes!) Los niños se familiarizarán aún más con estos homófonos a través de este rompecabezas interactivo. ¡Lea nuestra guía paso a paso para realizar esta actividad con su hijo en casa!

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The Alphabet Song

This week's Family Friday is a hands-on adventure. Explore your home find the every day objects that begin with your favorite letters to create an alphabet gallery. Have fun with this interactive alphabet activity!

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La canción del alfabeto

Este Viernes en familia es una aventura interactiva. Explore su casa y busque objetos cotidianos que empiezan con su letra favorita para crear una galería del alfabeto. ¡Diviértanse!

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Ziggy the Zebra

This week's Family Friday is a tasty treat for all ages. After reading Ziggy the Zebra, you will make your very own tasty zebra friends. Read our step-by-step guide on how to make this dessert at home. Have fun with this interactive culinary craft!

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Letter Shopping At Home!

For this week's Family Friday, we have a fun and easy activity that will help your children practice their letter names and sounds! Read one of our stories in the Mega Mouth Decoders book series in Footsteps2Brilliance, such as Betsy the Bumblebee. Children will match appropriate letter names and sounds by "shopping" around the house. Read our step-by-step guide on how you can play this interactive literacy activity with your child at home!

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¡Comprando letras en casa!

Para este Viernes en familia, tenemos una actividad fácil y divertida que le ayudará a sus hijos a practicar los nombres y sonidos de las letras! Lea una de nuestras historias en la serie: Mega Mouth Decoders de Footsteps2Brilliance, como Betsy the Bumblebee. Los niños relacionarán los nombres de las letras y los sonidos apropiados al "hacer compras" por la casa. ¡Lea nuestra guía paso a paso sobre cómo puede jugar esta actividad interactiva con su hijo en casa! 

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Miss Kentucky 2022 Hannah Edelen Challenges Early Learners to Read and Write During National Family Literacy Month Modeled after Mayor Joe Meyer’s Early Childhood Initiative in Covington, KY.

For Immediate Release

Miss Kentucky 2022 Hannah Edelen  is challenging all Kentucky early learners to read and write during National Family Literacy Month beginning on November 1.  Joining this effort, Footsteps2Brilliance, a bilingual early literacy solution, is offering Kentucky children and families free access to interactive eBooks, songs, and games in English and Spanish. Kentucky families can access this free library at www.footsteps2brilliance.com/kentucky.


Inspired by Read Ready Covington's local initiative under the leadership of Mayor Joe Meyer, Hannah, a Kentucky teacher and author, created Read Ready Kentucky to equip all children with the tools to change the world through reading. As part of her Read Ready Kentucky campaign, she has partnered with Footsteps2Brilliance to provide access to a free library of 500+ interactive educational activities. Families can use this free library to participate in National Family Literacy Month by:

  • Reading books
  • Using the Footsteps2Brilliance Create-a-Book feature to write their own books
  • Recording themselves singing or reading the books
  • Taking selfies of themselves reading with their families
  • Sending their best work to Hannah at MissKY@footsteps2brilliance.com


“The access that all children will have through this free bilingual interactive library creates a much-needed bridge for literacy between school and home,” says Mayor Joe Meyer. “We look forward to seeing the students’ successes during National Family Literacy month.”

Participants will receive certificates signed by Miss Kentucky 2022. A select number also will receive a signed copy of Hannah’s book, Hank the Horse and the Case of the Missing Eggs or Honey the Horse and Kentucky Proud. Hannah wrote these books to teach young children, in a developmentally appropriate way, the importance of critically analyzing information and the value of Kentucky agriculture.

About Mayor Joe Meyer’s “Read Ready Covington”
Read Ready Covington is a city-wide early literacy initiative that helps families, caregivers and educators prepare our littlest readers to become future leaders. By using free access to learning applications such as Footsteps2Brilliance® and Clever Kids University® as well as other educational resources throughout the city, our shared goal creates an environment for lifelong learning in Covington that’s collaborative, comfortable and fun. Together, we are helping the children of Covington be prepared for a brighter future.


About Miss Kentucky 2022 Hannah Edelen
Hannah Edelen, Miss Kentucky 2022, is committed to student success. From teaching in her own classroom to inspiring students across the Commonwealth, Hannah encourages students to learn by sharing how education helped her overcome the obstacles in her life. Hannah recognizes the value of early literacy and how it is fundamental to creating a successful pathway whether it be attending a postsecondary institution, vocational training, military, or entering the workforce. “Together, let’s create a Read Ready Kentucky!””

About Footsteps2Brilliance
Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. is the breakthrough early learning platform that accelerates early literacy achievement by uniting the power of mobile gaming technology with the latest in cognitive research. Footsteps2Brilliance provides enticing, interactive, 24/7 learning experiences that digitally link school and home to give students the edge they need for success in school today and the world tomorrow.  For further information contact: info@footsteps2brilliance.com.

Sparking Students’ Curiosity

We are excited to announce a new book series to inspire your students' curiosity! The new Life Sciences series can be found in Level 3 of the Footsteps2Brilliance app. This series provides rich informational text to develop students background knowledge and vocabulary—bringing science to life in English and Spanish.



Life Sciences Book Series
Beautiful Birds Book Unit

Developed in close alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, this series explores the life sciences. Students have the opportunity to compare and contrast information between books as they learn the characteristics that make each animal kingdom unique. Throughout the series, students develop their understanding of animal adaptations, life cycles, ecosystems, and habitats. Students are drawn into the topics with high-interest photographs and diagrams.

Each book unit includes a series of activities designed to develop critical thinking, reading comprehension, Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary, and writing skills.

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